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How much does a custom built rod cost?

A custom built rod can vary in cost from as low as $175.00 to over $1,000.00 for a top-of-the-line bamboo rod. It is all up to you and what you want for your one-of-a-kind rod.

If you know how you want your rod built, email or call (406) 458-7057 for a bid on the cost of the rod built to your specifications.

If you have a price range that you need to work within, Magnum Rods will make recommendations to get you the best rod that fits your fishing style and budget.

Start with the blank. Magnum Rods has all of the most popular blanks available:
G-Loomis American Tackle Co Matrix Gatti
St. Croix Lamiglas Calstar Sage
Graphite-USA IM6 *Bamboo  

* Special blanks, not in stock, can delay your order several weeks

American Tackle Co Fuji Pacific Bay

Reel seats.
American Tackle Co Fuji Pacific Bay Struble Custom Design

Grip. Cork quality varies on the grade. EVA foam grips are commonly used on spinning, casting and trolling rods, but can also be used for fly rods.
Cork: True Flora grade (dependant on availabilty) Cork: Regular to Better Cork: Super EVA

Threads. A standard rod is made using a single color thread. Butt wraps and intricate guide wraps will add, on average, about $50.00 to the cost of the rod. Any writing, such as the customer's name, will be added at no cost.

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