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Dirk Andersen, Rodsmith
830 Magnum Road - Helena MT 59602
Phone: (406) 458-7057

How much does a custom rod cost?


Inquiries welcome.

Dirk Andersen learned to fish from his grandfather on the Little Blackfoot River long before Montana rivers became settings for Hollywood movies. He is a third generation Montanan who specializes in building and repairing the types of fishing rods used here in Big Sky Country - Fly, Spinning, Casting, and Trolling.

Why a custom built rod? Every rod builder can give you dozens of valid reasons, but here are my top three and why I started building rods. You should have a custom built rod if you have ever said,

  1. "This rod would be great if it had ___."
  2. "If I was to build a rod I would make it like ___."
  3. "Why am I spending hundreds of dollars on a reel and fly line and putting them on a mass production rod?"
Together we can create a custom rod that will meet all of your expectations.

Samples (click to view larger image)

Butt Wraps

Diamond Wrap

Diamond Wrap

Diamond Wrap with Under Wrap

Split Diamond Wrap Along the 

Diamond Wrap

Split Diamond Wrap Across the 

Diamond Wrap

Custom Grips

Inlaid Burl Cork Custom Grip

Half-Wells with Burnt Cork Inlay Custom Grip


Solid Color with Silver Tags on Stripper 

Inlaid Single Thread on Snake 

Single Thread Inlay on Spinning 

Solid Color Stripper Guide

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